Thursday, March 22, 2007

Baby carriers put to the test

It can be very tiring to carry your baby in your arms all the time, which is why many parents opt for a soft carrier.
Consumer Reports recently tested eight carriers including ones from Baby Bjorn, Infantino, and Kelty Kids to see which ones are best for you and your baby.
They were tested for safety, comfort, and ease of use by using a motorized piston that applies 34 kilograms or 75 pounds of force on the carrier.
Testers also made sure the leg openings were small enough to keep tiny babies secure using a ball representing the circumference of a three-and-a-half pound baby's hip.
The Baby Bjorn Carrier Active was rated as excellent. It sells for 200 dollars. The Baby Bjorn Carrier Original is also rated as excellent and is cheaper at 130 dollars.

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