Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Park Slope Strollers Against The World

The hullabaloo surrounding the Park Slope Barnes & Noble's request for parents to park strollers upstairs in a designated area is exactly the kind of tempest in a neighborhood that brings out the haves (having children) and have nots (having no children). But what's fascinating is the dialog created on both the part of the parents who want to wield their strollers and those who want to be free of strollers while writing their Great American novel at the B&N. Here are some of our favorite comments on Brooklyn Record's post:Rule of thumb: If your kid is too heavy to carry on your back (which you should be doing, instead of wheeling it around in a mini-SUV), then it's time the brat started to use his lil' legs. If he doesn't WANT to use his lil' legs to go shopping/socializing etc . . . with you, maybe you should postpone those activities until he can share in them with you.


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