Friday, September 28, 2007

Mother accused of drowning baby

Christi Denice King pleaded not guilty Thursday to one count of murder in connection with the drowning death of her infant son one year ago.King, 33, of Greenville, was the sole subject of a special Tuesday meeting of the Hunt County grand jury, which returned a murder indictment.Prosecutors are already trying to amend the indictment.King entered the not guilty plea during a Thursday morning arraignment hearing in the 196th District Court. Judge Joe Leonard set an interim hearing in the case for March 28.King remains in custody in the Hunt County Jail and had previously filed a writ of habeas corpus seeking a reduction in her $1 million bond.King's defense attorney, Jack Paris, had also filed a motion, requesting an examining trial in an effort to have the bond lowered. That hearing was scheduled to take place Thursday, prior to Tuesday's special meeting of the grand jury and the issuance of the indictment.A motion was filed Friday, seeking an amendment in the wording of the indictment, details of which were not available at press time.


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Anonymous said...

There is an epidemic in America called prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors across this country abuse their powers to convict by altering evidence, lying to judges and juries, and even editing MVR (recording by officers in the field). It has been determined by research that at least 40% of those convicted are innocent and should not be in prison. Most of these convictions are from CSC or criminal sexual conduct by false accusations.

How can we have a death penalty when so many people in American jails are illegally convicted?

This country has forgotten about the phrase you are innocent before guilty. Once an accusation is in the air and the big machine of police and prosecutor's office takes over; it's impossible to prove innocence. It's so easy to accuse yet so hard to defend.

Hauntingly; I read about teachers once a week being accused by a teenage girl that she was touched in the wrong place by a coach. The girls parents usually convinced her to forge a complaint because she did not play in a game or something like this in a way.

The teacher's career is over at this point. None the less; his family has been destroyed.

Another example is having consensual sex with a woman and she turns on you! It happens. The women watch these crime shows at night and get the idea to destroy a guys life because he does not call her or does not want to see her.

It's accusations like above are destroying the moral fabric of this country.

I watch who I spend time with and use caution when I open myself to anyone now. It's dangerous spending time with someone who has nothing to lose. Watch out.

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